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We keep the chain of distribution moving

The safe and timely distribution of goods is what keeps our world running. Break a link in the chain of distribution, and plans begin to collapse. Gogel Brothers Trucking, LLC keeps the system going by hauling a wide variety of dry goods to distribution and assembly centers throughout the United States.

You need reliable transportation to get your products into the right hands at the right time. Gogel Brothers Trucking can provide it. Call us today to set up dry van transport for your products.

3 benefits of dry van trucking for product distribution

3 benefits of dry van trucking for product distribution

Why choose a dry van trucking company to move your freight? Dry van trucking offers a range of benefits, including:

  1. Low freight claims: Your products are protected from theft and weather damage.
  2. Fast loading and unloading: Switch out empty trailers for pre-loaded ones to stay on schedule.
  3. Versatility: Ship just about any type of dry good in industrial cargo trailers.

If you’re one of the many suppliers shipping dry freight, call Gogel Brothers Trucking today.